Grow It Local website

As stated in this website, ( the organisation conducts free gardening workshops. people must sign up to the website and then they are able to register to attend the workshops. The workshops are free and the workshops can be accessed, through logging into the account. The workshops are about various topics such as how to grow food, how to grow a tea garden and how to plant deciduous fruit trees.

The search tab of the website is used to search for different garden patches in different states. The search tab contains a search bar and a patch can be found based on the name of the patch, the location of the patch and the products contained in a specific patch.

People should join the seed service, in order to learn how to grow crops in their backyard. People will receive a package of heirloom seeds to grow each season. The seeds are grown in Australia. Costa, a gardener, will teach people how to plant and harvest the crops.

Membership of the local seed service, costs eight dollars a month and the subscription can be cancelled. The members dashboard includes videos and articles about each growing stage, such as plant origins, nutritional information and advice about how to grow crops. Subscribers receive an the annual impact report, which contains an explanation of the positive impacts that is being achieved by a community of local growers.


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