Local Food Connect website

Summary of the information contained in the website:

Food Justice tab
List of the local food justice organisations such as the Bansic Food Hub, Thornbury Church of Christ and the Whittlesea Food Collective, etc.

Map of the locations of the local food justice organisations.

The Mitcham community meal which occurs at 18 Edward Street in Mitcham. A local club, business or church provides a meal each Sunday to the Mitcham community. The Mitcham community meals program began in 2018 and and a total of one hundred teams have prepared and served a meal to the Mitcham community.

Food swaps tab
The definition of a food swap, the types of products that can be swapped at a food swap and the benefits of food swapping for the community and the environment.

The method to create a successful food swap – there should be at least three greeters that speak to people, explain to them what a food swap is and ask them if they would like to be on the email list. Then the people that are new to the food swap speak to other people that have experience participating in the food swap. There should also be two people that write a list of the products that people have brought to the food swap and record the weight of the produce.

Recipes and Eating tab
The book entitled Pick, share, eat, celebrating the beauty, flavour and earthly pleasures of growing and eating seasonal, local food, contains recipes that use local ingredients. The authors of the book are the Local Food Connect and the Diamond Valley Group of the Country Women’s Association.

Articles about various topics such as plant based antioxidants, dehydrating, nutritional advice and seasonal foods.

Growing Guides tab
Articles about how to grow basil, potatoes and pumpkins.

The purpose of large gardening tools such as shovels, hand operated tools such as pruners and hand tools such as flamethrowers.

The two main methods to test the ph of soil, are through the use of a ph Meter and a Coloured Dye Kit. The explanation of the accuracy, speed and cost of the two methods to test the ph of soil are explained in a table format. there are instructions about how to measure the soil ph, using a ph meter.

Community Gardening tab
The definition of community gardens and the benefits of community gardens. There is a list of the locations of community gardens in the North Melbourne area.

The purpose of a wicking bed, the advantages and disadvantages of using wicking beds, how to maintain wicking beds and the issues involved in the use of wicking beds.


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