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As stated in this website ( the bushfood workshop is on the 28th may and 18th June 2023. The worshop is highly informative and will consist of a discussion of edible bushfood plants in the garden, methods of how to plant, maintain and propagate these plants and a discussion of a larger variety of bush foods. We are certain you will enjoy the workshop and that you will have learnt something about edible bushfood plants.

The workshop also includes a cooking demonstration. The cooking demonstration will be an opportunity to learn about cooking different meals and it is an interactive activity. All people are welcome to join the cooking demonstration. If you are wondering what types of meals will be cooked at the cooking demonstration, you will have to attend the workshop and discover that for yourself.

People that attend the workshop will be able to ask questions to the presenter, during the Q & A session. The knowledgeable presenter is Belinda Kennedy, a Horticulturalist and Permaculturalist. You might think that your question seems silly, though please don’t hesitate to ask questions to the presenter. The purpose of the Q & A is to guide people to learn about plant related topics and that is not possible, without asking the presenter your questions and receiving clear answers to your questions. The presenter will attempt to answer your questions in an informative way.

The workshop won’t be cancelled because of the weather. Please dress in attire that is suitable for the weather.

The stockyard contains bluestone pavement and the ground type might not be suitable for people that have limited mobility.


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