Code of Conduct / Safety Guidelines

Last updated: October 2022
As a member or guest of the KENSINGTON STOCKYARD FOOD GARDEN INC, you agree to adhere to the General & Safety Guidelines set out in this document.

Code Of Conduct

On entering the Kensington Stockyard Food Garden Inc (KSFGI) you agree to adhere to the following:

Heritage Site:

The Stockyards are heritage listed and very strict guidelines are in place. All infrastructure is not to be compromised. Committee approval is required for all matters involving the infrastructure and the site. This applies to the entire site. Example: no use of nails, paints, brackets etc.

Our Values:

  • GROW – To assist in growing healthy sustainable organic food for our community.
  • MINIMISE – To minimise food wastage by identifying if more parts of the plant are edible.
  • NATURE – To think of nature and it’s little creatures, none of them are bad.
  • ENVIRONMENT – To look after the environment, it starts with us
  • GIVE – To take only the produce that you need and leave some to share with others.
  • INCLUSIVE – To create an inclusive community of people that talk straight, with no inappropriate language or conflicts.
  • PARTICIPATE – To assist in growing the garden and community by participation as we can’t do it alone.
  • RESPECT – To respect and value each other, our ideas, contributions, and diversity.
  • RESPONSIBILITY – To take responsibility and be accountable for your’s and your guest’s actions.
  • SUPPORT – To assist and support each other and to help where help is needed.
  • LEAD – To lead from the front, by example.

Our Operational Rules:

– Attend working bees, 1-2 hours per month (or as working bees are required)
– Contribute a minimum of 1 hour (or more) a week to garden activities (this can be undertaken within your own set time or as a group, from home or at the garden)
– All members are required to use the Sling app for notifications and watering roster.
– Maintain a safe work space – don’t leave tools laying around
– Leave all tools and equipment clean and store as appropriate in shed
– Use only organic material
– Limit the use of chemicals – be mindful of their effect on people and surroundings
– Be water wise – don’t leave taps running unattended
– Place green garden waste in appropriate bins (weeds in separate bin provided) – if bins are full inform Garden Coordinator
– Leave all work space clean
– Lock the shed after use
– Ensure no one is left locked in the garden before locking the garden gates
– Take a breath and enjoy your surroundings

Garden Access:

As members, you will be able to access Kensington Stockyard Food Garden Inc (KSFGI). The gates are currently left locked for our members convenience.

On exiting, we please ask that all members kindly close and lock the gates upon leaving the gardens.

PLEASE NOTE: Feel free to visit the gardens and cast an eye on any possible action required (don’t forget to take your gloves). Please contact us immediately if you see anything which requires action or report any thefts, etc. in the garden.

Your assistance with keeping the gardens safe and secure for all our members is greatly appreciated.

City of Melbourne Requirements:

KSFGI members are asked to read the City of Melbourne Participation document (see attached) and ensure compliance is adhered to when on the garden grounds. The site is heritage listed and particular care is required with regards to the infrastructure.

The above requirement is for the purposes:
1) to see how many KSFGI members have undertaken gardening activities;
2) to record the number of visitors who come to weekend open days. (Make sure you take your friend’s to see the transformation that has taken place in that space and sign them in);
3) to provide stats to CoM on the number of participants have either worked or visited the garden as part of annual reporting requirements; and
4) all members are required to use the Sling app for notifications and watering roster.


On entering the Kensington Stockyard Food Garden Inc (KSFGI) you agree to adhere to the following: