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ADVANCED MUSHROOMING Sat April 29th 10 -11:30AM

This workshop is for those who would like to get involved in the whole process of urban mushrooming from start to finish, and dive deep into co-created mycelium and mushroom growing projects.

This workshop invites you to become part of a learning community and founding member of the Mycelium Connector Hub. The aim of the Connector Hub is to not only grow mushrooms for food, but to experiment with growing different varieties and uses of mycelium.

You will share in the locally sourced substrate supplies, prepare your own mushroom buckets and choose your own grain spawn, along with finding other co-collaborators to work on fungi based projects.

By the end of this workshop you will have:

  • Co-created the vision as a founding member of the Mycelium Connector Hub
  • Have up to 10L’s of substrate ready to pasteurise (pasteurisation onsite optional)
  • Grain spawn to choose from
  • Opportunities to become part of a team to expand your mushroom cultivation interests.

Tickets $35. Bookings via the ticket link here are essential.

low cost low waste mushroom cultivation May 21st

This workshop will demonstrate self sufficiency methods of home mushroom cultivation at low cost.

You will be supplied with resources from the circular economy to start cultivating your own mushroom spawn in preparation to expand out onto substrate for fruiting mushrooms.

Tickets $10. Bookings via the ticket link here are essential. This event books out fast!

Local Food Connect website

Summary of the information contained in the website: Food Justice tab List of the local food justice organisations such as the Bansic Food Hub, Thornbury Church of Christ and the Whittlesea Food Collective, etc. Map of the locations of the local food justice organisations. The Mitcham community meal which occurs at 18 Edward Street in…

Community Planting Day

The Community Planting Day occurs on the 30th April. Sixteen biofilta food cubes were installed in the garden. a total of two hundred and fifty seedlings will be planted in the garden beds. We need your help to plant the seedlings into the beds. All people are welcomed to take part in this fun event.…

Mother’s Day Fundraiser Event

The Mother’s Day Fundraiser event is on the 7th May at 10am-12pm. The event is located on the corner of Bluestone and Serong street in Kensington. Everyone is welcome to join this fun event. The event features flowers, craft, fresh organic produce and indoor and outdoor plants.

Grow It Local website

As stated in this website, ( the organisation conducts free gardening workshops. people must sign up to the website and then they are able to register to attend the workshops. The workshops are free and the workshops can be accessed, through logging into the account. The workshops are about various topics such as how to…